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With over two million online bookings processed – and counting, Bouncy Castle Network is helping hirers like you make more money, save more time and increase their average booking value. This means higher profits by employing easy-to-use technology that has been developed specifically for you, with the ongoing feedback from over 2500 hirers of all sizes.

In business, changing with the times, evolving through challenges and developing with industry trends is crucial!

We recognize this and therefore have created ‘exclusive’ sections on our admin system that show you in detail, how to help your business succeed online. Providing detailed insights into the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation, link building and guides on content writing, our online marketing guides enable you to take full control of the success of your website without ever having to deal with annoying offshore SEO companies ever again.

Sharing our marketing experience

We have studied hundreds of comments and suggestions by our audiences, clients and operators in the industry, enabling us to constantly identify areas of improvement every year, while consistently refining our services for maximum benefit. Moreover, timely system update releases ensures that all our customers are constantly provided ongoing support to focus on their businesses, increasing their profits and growing their operations.

As humbled as we are, we don’t believe in secrets. At Bouncy Castle Network, knowledge is power. And knowledge is best effective when shared. So we have worked tirelessly to find you the best advice on how to promote your business and built powerful marketing tools directly into your bouncy castle website to help you stay in touch with your clients through the complete booking process, and send them timely reminders on the anniversary of their bookings to prompt them to consider your services again.

Our vast knowledge in the industry, tried & tested marketing methods and strategic approaches to business management has enabled us to successfully help businesses increase their bookings all across the board with sheer simplicity. New customers regularly boast anything from 50% to 300% business growth within the first year of using our services. The industry is constantly evolving and becoming more competitive each year. We continue to give hirers the edge over their competitors like nobody else does or can.

Powerful marketing tools and services

We empower you to make your bouncy castle business easier than ever to manage and promote, while increasing bookings and making more money! With our unique additional services such as our national hirer’s directory, hidden Facebook groups and second-hand marketplace, we give you hassle-free, money-making tools to market your business – easily and successfully!

Results are the backbone for any successful hirer and business owner. At Bouncy Castle Network, all our customers have seen phenomenal results whilst some have grown so much that they’ve actually bought out their local competition!

With highly detailed statistics available in real-time, you can make informed choices on how to grow your business based on facts and hard data. The BCN system lets bouncy castle operators and inflatable hirers effortlessly manage their business online – without worrying about the complexities of technology.

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