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The BCN platform is a scalable business tool for the leisure industry. It enables growth and offers granular analytics, while delivering a booking system that drives scalability, without compromising your control (it's a content management system, with lots of configurable settings). The team behind it constantly push the envelope with design functions (would love to see a roadmap, but I guess so would their competitors; Who frankly don't come close).

Your website isn't somewhere you want to nickel & dime over, this offers fantastic value and great support.

As someone who has worked in an enterprise Fortune 500 company, supporting web based technologies and owning responsibility for servers and the applications hosted on them, as well as a bouncy castle hirer and even a manufacturer, I have a very well rounded background to provide an honest review of this platform, the support, the development life cycle as well how they operate... Quite simply, I wouldn't use anyone else.

From the contents of our previous website BCN provided a handsome new site, functional across all platforms, including a tailor-made, online booking system that is exactly what we want. The booking system is the quickest and easiest payment method for training and seeded ski race entry in the UK (probably anywhere) and entirely straightforward to maintain. The staff are friendly and switched on. And we can recommend BCN in every area of expertise they offer: in our first year together they have greatly enhanced our PR profile and saved hundreds of work hours. This is an outstanding organisation and a pleasure to work with.

Dominic Erskine

British Ski Academy

I was very undecided whether to go with BCN for my website as I don't have any bouncy castles. I mainly do princess and mascot parties but with a recommendation from a friend I decided to do it.

Must say its the best decision I have made for my business as not only have they helped me produce a wonderful website which was quick & easy to do, but I also witnessed the fab work of Stefan and his team first hand as I had a few technical problems which was sorted out very fast and explained to me very simply.

Thank you Stefan, Kevin and Mike, you have made this process very easy, and I'd definitely recommend BCN to anyone wanting a website.

We have been with the Bouncy Castle Network since 2014 and we're one of the first to use them in our area. The service has been faultless and soon everyone followed suit seeing how well our website ranked and how professional it looked. The website is easy to use and adding assets, videos, pictures etc is straightforward. Having used BCN for the last three years, we would not consider moving to any other platform as nothing compares.

As an industry professional of over ten years, when I wanted to expand my business, I turned to BCN.

We have grown from a single one-man band, to owning a soft play centre, several vans, staff on payroll and now a second bouncy castle hire company. BCN offers scalability and enables growth. It has allowed me to become a local mogul, and rapidly expand.

No other system offers this level of versatility either, allowing you to run several different types of business from one simple content management system. I'm sure that this will not be the last site I order with BCN, and look forward to the future!

Bouncy Castle Network has played a massive part in the setup and development of BK Booths. They have helped us design a brand new website from nothing and build it into the corporate event hire equipment website that we have been looking for.

Great on hand support whenever it's needed.

I have recently joined Bouncy Castle Network as a mega pack customer. I wasn't sure at first as I had a really good website in place, but once I swapped over I realised I should have done it sooner. Features that really impress me are the online booking system, check availability, email templates and updated diary system. The website looks great, the BCN team are excellent and will definitely help me to expand.

Best thing we could of done getting a bcn website helped our business tremendously

Loving my new site thanks to all the team at bcn.

Top quality product and service!

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