About Our Bouncy Castle Booking System

People often ask us how we got started? As experienced bouncy castle operators, with 10 years of taking phone calls at all times of the day and night and having a fragile diary as our constant travel companion, and with just having bought our 23rd castle and a third van for our business Bouncy Castle Hire Manchester– we decided that enough was enough - there had to be a better way to manage our business.

We approached our good friends at the award-winning web design studio ‘Sizzle’, with a concept that they quickly refined into a perfect solution for our business. The Bouncy Castle Network was born!

Based on our experience and after extensive testing, our bouncy castle diary system was ready. After jumping to over 50 castles within a few months we felt the system was just too good to keep to ourselves, now hosted on world class servers and easier to use than ever, our booking system lets bouncy castle operators effortlessly manage their business online. You don't need to learn any technical stuff - it's all really easy!

Ongoing Updates & Improvements

Since 2009 as an independent business, we have taken hundreds of your comments on board every year and continued to refine our services and release improvement updates to our system! With over 500 customers, our system has become a complete game changer for inflatable rental companies.

We are extremely proud of the feedback we get from clients and seeing their businesses and bookings increase across the board. One industry insider recently called us "The bouncy castle operator’s dirty little secret"..! Although our products are not so much of a secret these days; we continue to give hirers the edge over their competitors.

Over the years we have been rolling out updates free of charge across our existing client base and the feedback has been phenomenal. Clients have been waxing lyrical over massive time-saving features and enhancements, making your bouncy castle business easier than ever to manage and promote online. And with our additional services like our national hirer’s directory and second hand marketplace we give you even more tools to promote your business!

All of our customers have seen great results, some experiencing a more than 300% increase in online enquiries, some even buying out the local competition! One particular operator took over 3, 500 bookings last season and was booked up throughout the winter, allowing him to invest in more inflatables and continue to grow his business.

Built From The Ground Up Just For Bouncy Castle Operators

Our team has worked tirelessly to create a better, simpler user experience, with better support, continuous updates, and a far superior system that offer better value for money than anything else on the market bar none.

The BCN system is unlike anything currently available. It’s not a bulky, hacked-together odd job platform or some off-the-shelf package chopped up to fit the bill. Our online tools have been created from scratch by our team here in the UK. Our platform has been designed and developed specifically for, and used on a daily basis by hundreds of bouncy castle operators just like you across the UK, Ireland, Europe, and internationally.

Order your BCN system today and we will help you every step of the way, with professional and experienced guidance across all aspects of your web presence. You can have a professional bouncy castle website on its own, or our all-in Mega Pack bouncy castle operators package, customised to your business for less than the cost of a single booking per month!

Call the Bouncy Castle Network today on 01706 249 004, or make an enquiry through the site and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed!

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