Helping inflatable hire businesses thrive through reliable technology and industry leading innovation

Bouncy Castle Network is your one-stop solution to building a highly profitable inflatable-hire business

Since 2008, our website and online bookings system has helped over 2500 inflatable hirers around the world to leverage maximum results from the internet, helping them to achieve their business aspirations, opening doors for growth and providing an industry leading support network to all our clients to ensure maximum online exposure and profits.

Thousands of inflatable hire business owners just like you have benefited from our amazing products and services at exceptional value for money, while streamlining every aspect of their hire business resulting in better business processes with the ongoing feedback of all our customers.

We go the extra mile by ensuring all your requirements are addressed by creating jaw dropping graphics that are tailored to your business requirements, with the support of our industry-leading customer support team that are on hand to advise on how to make the maximum use of our online systems.

Last year we processed over £55 million of bookings through our system and that figure is set to double.

Based on our in-depth and comprehensive experience, extensive testing and utilizing the best of technology at every step, the Bouncy Castle business management and booking system is hosted on world class servers, using industry leading encryption so your data is always safe.

Moreover, we have over a dozen hirers who have exceeded the £1 million turnover mark in the UK alone since becoming customers of Bouncy Castle Network. Did you know that 71.37% of all bookings are completed online? This frees up a huge amount of time for business owners that is otherwise taken up over the phone day and night – merely processing orders.

Bouncy Castle’s automated bookings management system not only saves time, but also eliminates human error. This means more money, profit and productivity – with zero hassles!

Constant Improvements and Updates

In business, changing with the times, evolving through challenges and developing with industry trends is crucial! We recognised this very early in our business life and have always worked in direct conjunction with our client base, taking onboard valuable suggestions to identify areas of improvement every year, while consistently refining our services for maximum benefit.

Moreover, timely system update releases ensures that all our customers are constantly running the latest, most powerful tools to help them increase profits and streamline their processes all as part of the award winning BCN service. With over 300o customers worldwide and growing, our system has become a complete game-changer for inflatable rental companies.

Flexibility, Integration and Power – All Rolled Into One!

Fully-flexible and with the ability to work as a standalone product or seamlessly integrate onto your existing website, the BCN online booking software is wholly customisable to your specific, unique needs.

This power to adapt allows your customers to make bookings online every hour of the day, every day of the year – when they want and how you want! You’ll be able to communicate directly with your clients, take payments and manage your bookings in real-time from any web enabled device, allowing you to manage your business on the move.

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