Why is your party reservation software perfect for small businesses?

The party equipment rental industry largely consists of small businesses, and these kinds of companies need to ensure that they spend their money wisely. Everything they spend their money on should be an investment – whether this is on new inflatables, on soft play, on vans and trucks, or on party rental booking software.

Party rental software for small businesses

Our party rental business software was made with small businesses in mind! In fact, its earliest iteration was made by a small business in the party equipment reservation sector that wanted to manage its bookings, market to customers and showcase its products over the internet. The business contacted a developer and a web designer, and Bouncy Castle Network was born – although it didn’t have a name at that point!

When other start-ups and small businesses in the sector saw the potential of the party rental software, they wanted a piece of it themselves, and eventually the tool began to be marketed to bounce house rental companies, before being expanded to reach entertainers, soft play providers, DJs, play centres and much more.

Why is the party supplies reservation software suitable for small businesses?

Our systems can be scaled up or down according to your specific requirements. Perhaps you’re no good with computers, and you want a relatively hands-off system that will collect bookings and showcase your products? Or maybe you want to use all the tools available to you and take a more active role, such as by emailing customers, collecting reviews, sending job lists to drivers and offering discount codes?

Whatever the case, you’ll find you can achieve everything you want through the Bouncy Castle Network platform. We offer advanced tools that can be switched on and off according to user skill and individual requirements, enabling smaller businesses to use the exact same system as their larger competitors at no extra cost.

What does our party rental business software do?

It’s easier to visualise the potential of our system if you imagine the booking process.

  • A potential customer visits your modern and attractive website, which looks wonderful on phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, Macs and everything else
  • They find a package they want, and click on the Book Now button
  • They fill in a form, providing their contact details and the details of their venue, plus any other information you require, and click to make payment
  • They make payment through a simple online screen, using either PayPal or WorldPay’s interface, and the money lands in your bank account shortly afterwards
  • Meanwhile, your party rental booking software has booked out all the products in that package to prevent any double bookings
  • Perhaps the package involves a bounce house base that you put themed panels on – all the products that require this base will also be unavailable
  • The customer’s details will be stored on your website and emailed to you
  • You can schedule emails and text messages to the client to provide them with your health and safety documents, risk assessments, requests for reviews or any other useful information
  • On the date of the booking, the reservation software will update your phone calendar to remind you of the job
  • Any data about the booking will be stored for future reference, and will also update the statistics on your website so you can see your profits grow
  • This will all be handled confidentially and securely – you can rest assured that your customers’ personal information, payment card information and booking details won’t be seen by anyone else
  • And there’s much more the system can do, too! If you’ve got any questions or can think of any unique scenarios you might face, contact us to see how our product could help you handle these circumstances.

So if you’re looking for party rental software for small businesses, then you can’t get better than Bouncy Castle Network!

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