How our party equipment reservation system can help you manage your inventory

After over a decade’s experience providing party rental management software, the team at Bouncy Castle Network have learned that there’s a seemingly-endless variety of ways businesses in the industry manage their stock. The more we learn, the more we change, so we’ve developed a range of incredible tools that will help you manage your inventory without any hassle.

Our party rental inventory management software

So how can the Bouncy Castle Network event rental booking system assist your inventory management? We have a wide variety of tools available for you to use, and we’ve gone into detail about some of these below.

Parent / child relationships

The terminology might be strange, but the system itself is easy! Parents and children are jargon terms used by coders and web developers to refer to the relationships between one object and another, and they’re used in a range of different situations, but we initially brought them into our event rental booking system for velcro themes and base castles.

Quite often, party equipment suppliers have a number of different velcro panels – perhaps a princess velcro, a jungle velcro and a superhero velcro - and only one bouncy castle these panels can fit on. Obviously, it is best for their business if they can advertise themselves as having three bouncy castles rather than just one, but if someone books out their superhero bouncy castle, they need the system to understand that this has made their jungle and princess velcros unavailable. This is exactly what the parent / child relationship system was made for!

However, we’ve learned that this tool has even more potential than we anticipated. People often use this aspect of our party rental inventory management software to offer ball pits with and without balls, wet and dry rentals for their super slides and obstacle courses, or even for staffing and supervision!


On a similar note, packages are a much-loved aspect of our party rental management software. You might want to offer a group of related products at a reduced price – packages are the best way to do this.

We’ve created a bespoke packages module especially for party equipment rental companies. Packages don’t necessarily contain a predetermined set of products – you can even enable customer choice; for instance you can offer customers a choice of any bounce house, plus a popcorn machine and a soft play set, allowing people to choose the perfect inflatable for their event and receive some extra goodies at a lower price.


The accessories system is a good example of how powerful our party rental management software can be, and how it can help you manage your inventory with no fuss.

You can quickly assign particular accessories to products and relate these to surface types. Perhaps a product needs 10 ground pegs when located outside, and 10 sandbags when inside, and perhaps you’ve only got 15 ground pegs and 15 sandbags.

The accessories system will ensure that you’re never out of these essential tools again. When someone books out a product, they’ll also book out all related accessories behind-the-scenes – you’ll see what accessories you need to bring out, but the customer will be non-the-wiser. When you’re preparing for the day, our booking system will tell you what accessories you need to load into the van alongside your party supplies, so you won’t forget a thing!


Some people don’t call their products the same things their customers call them. Your customers might want a jungle soft play set, but when you’re loading your van, you might call it product #A101. This is an SKU, or stock-keeping unit.

You can store these SKUs on your website effortlessly, too – just assign an SKU to a product. It couldn’t be easier!

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