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Bouncy Castle Network brings together more than 20 years’ experience in creating cutting-edge website designs, delivering advanced digital marketing, and running large and busy jumping castle hire companies to create a booking system and website design service that was made with inflatable hire firms in mind. We have helped hundreds of companies streamline their operations and use the internet to its full potential, thanks to affordable and effective business management tools and beautiful jumping castle websites.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape your business is – we have packages that are perfect for you, and that come packed with features that are designed to make your company expand. Our websites and booking systems are fast, attractive, easy to use and very powerful, offering a comprehensive solution that is ideal for jumping castle operators all over Australia and beyond.

We’re dedicated to helping your business grow, and we’re always happy to provide any support and assistance you may need to make your company a success. If you ever need any help in any aspect of your jumping castle booking system, your website design, or its marketing, simply get in touch with us for real-time customer support. So for an online solution your company can rely on, choose Bouncy Castle Network!

Supercharge your jumping castle business

Our products and services were created from the bottom-up specifically for jumping castle businesses and other firms in the event and party equipment hire industry, and were specially-made by our multi-award-winning web development and design team. Although our booking systems and websites are incredibly complex, we've made them unbelievably simple to use – you don’t need any specialist IT experience or knowledge to create a beautiful Australia jumping castle website and dominate in the search results when you’re with Bouncy Castle Network!

Thanks to the feedback of hundreds of jumping castle operators across the world, we've been able to continually upgrade and enhance our online business management systems to ensure that they deliver the results we know you expect. Our systems are proven to enable jumping castle companies like yours increase the size of their operations and grow massively for less than the cost of a single hire per month.

Take a look at our testimonials to see what we could do for you, or sign up below and get a website design and booking system for an Australian jumping castle company! Don’t hesitate to contact us online if you want to find out more, or speak to us today by calling +44(0)1706 249 004.


Why choose us?

We began producing jumping castle websites and booking systems in 2009, and we’ve been enhancing our products and services based entirely on customer feedback to make sure we’re providing that people want, rather than what we think they want. By improving continually in this way, we’ve been able to create a comprehensive business solution that contains everything a jumping castle operator could need.

The internet has become a key source of revenue for almost every jumping castle company in the world, so we develop websites that are made to rank at the top of search engine results pages. We’re always on-hand to provide you with bespoke and specialist SEO and digital marketing advice, and have powerful marketing tools built into all of our websites. Our websites dominate the search results in countless areas – and if you join us, you could find yourself in the lucrative top spot too!

Our innovative products are designed to give you the edge you need over your competitors, and with our continual customer support and professional assistance, you’ll have all the tools and information you need to maximise the potential of the internet at your disposal.

With our constant development and with rolling updates to our tools and packages, you’ll be well-placed to make your business the best it can be when you’re with us. We’ve got full endorsements from leading manufacturers and trade associations, as well as proven success with hundreds of jumping castle firms in Australia and from across the globe, so why not join us today? We’re the secret weapon you need to get the most success out of the internet. So contact us today – we can’t wait to help you out!


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