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Since 2007, Bouncy Castle Network has become the leading website and live reservation software provider for bounce house rental companies, helping businesses from Europe to Australia make the most out of the internet. We’re thrilled to now offer our inflatable rental software to inflatable rental businesses throughout the USA!

Our powerful bounce house and party equipment rental software will allow you to manage your business through our platform without any hassle. You can take online bookings, market yourself, offer discounts, organize your diary, take online payments and manage your website inventory and SEO and much more – all through one simple platform.

With a powerful business dashboard, you see live statistics on how your business is performing and manage your business diary on the move, from any web-enabled device.

Bounce House rental software that will supercharge your businesses

We know our inflatable rental software can revolutionize the party rental business in the US in the same way it has in the rest of the world. You can expect to see a rise in your bookings, your profit and your online profile through our bounce house rental software and websites, rocketing you ahead of the competition.

Our website and bounce house rental software services have been developed from the ground-up by our in-house design and development team; and has been built with companies just like yours in mind. Thanks to over a decade of constant feedback, we’ve been able to create a platform that acts as a truly organic system, where everyone benefits from everyone else’s ideas and input.

The feedback of hundreds of bounce house operators from all over the world has helped us to continually upgrade and enhance our online business management systems to ensure they deliver the results we know you expect. This makes our bounce house rental software the perfect way for you to increase the size of your operations and increase profitability; for less than the income from a single extra booking per month.

Take a look at our testimonials to see how we have helped thousands of companies, or sign up today to get a website design and booking system right away.

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Why choose our Bounce House rental systems?

We began creating bounce house websites and booking systems in 2006, and since then we’ve been continually enhancing our products and services based on customer feedback, so you can rest assured that our product is what businesses like yours want, rather than what we think you want!

It’s no secret that the internet has become a vital tool for almost every bounce house rental company in the world. You’ll definitely see the benefits when you have the website design and marketing experts at Bouncy Castle Network in your corner – we develop websites that are well-placed to rank at the top of search engine results pages, and we’re always on-hand to provide you with specialist SEO and digital marketing advice.

Our bounce house rental systems not only boast powerful tools to help you manage your business – they also offer a range of great ways to improve your marketing and give you the edge over the competition. With our customer support, professional assistance, and continual rolling updates and improvements, Bounce House Network will give you all you need to achieve all you can on the internet.

So make your business all it can be with our expert team! We’ve got full endorsements from leading manufacturers and trade associations, as well as proven track record of success with hundreds of bounce house rental companies in the UK, Europe, Australia and across the globe.

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