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Since 2007, the Bouncy Castle Network have become the UK’s leading website and booking company for bouncy house and event rental companies, with customers across Europe, and as far afield as Australia.

Our objective for 2015 is to introduce our service to the US market, bringing the benefits of our branding, website, online booking and business diary package to rental companies looking to really leverage the power the internet, with our powerful event booking system.

We believe that BCN can revolutionise the way rental companies operate in the US, as we have already done in the UK and Europe, with companies seeing rises in bookings, profits and online profile. Our website and online booking system has been developed from the ground up by our in-house design and development team, purely for inflatable rental companies. With over 8 years of constant feedback, our platform is a truly organic system where everyone benefits from each other’s ideas and input on how to improve our package and their business processes.

You will see from our testimonials to how we have helped operators in the UK, and we hope that you will support us in our efforts to bring our services to the US.

For more information on how we can help your bouncy house rental business generate bookings online, call us today on +44(01706) 249 004

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